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Latisse Eyelash Enhancing Formula

LatisseLatisse is a topical eyelash lengthening medication that has been proven to promote the natural growth of thicker, longer, darker eyelashes. Solomon Eye Physicians and Surgeons is proud to offer this leading-edge product to patients who suffer from ptosis (inadequate eyelashes).

How does Latisse work?

Latisse contains the same active ingredient found in the glaucoma drug Lumigan. When applied along the upper eyelid, just above the eyelashes, Latisse is believed to increase the amount of time the eyelashes are in their growing phase.

How is Latisse administered?

Latisse is a topical, take-home medication that is applied along the upper eyelids daily for best results. However, Latisse cannot be obtained without a prescription from a medical provider. Latisse can be used up to 16 weeks for completely natural, beautiful and longer eyelashes.

LatisseWho is a good candidate for Latisse?

Latisse candidacy greatly varies from one patient to another. Generally, individuals who wish to achieve thicker, longer and darker lashes qualify for Latisse treatment. However, in order to obtain Latisse, patients must undergo a consultation appointment and eye exam with a medical professional.

Understanding the risks, complications and side effects of Latisse

Although rare, Latisse side effects may include red eyes, eye irritation, brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye and darkening of the skin around the eyelids.

Ask Maryland Latisse provider Dr. Solomon if Latisse is right for you.

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