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LASIK & Vision Correction

LASIK in Maryland
McLean, Bowie and Greenbelt LASIK Laser Vision Correction

Are you seeking clear vision without the hassles of contact lenses and glasses?  Have you considered LASIK laser vision correction?  Millions of people around the world have had this life-changing procedure and are now glasses free!  LASIK is FDA approved and Dr. Jonathan Solomon is an experience surgeon who also takes part in clinical trials and studies for vision correction procedure.  He is a trusted surgeon and has been ranked a top doctor by his peers as well as patients.

LASIK Vision Correction

Common Questions about LASIK and Vision Correction

What is LASIK?

LASIK corrects vision by changing the shape of the cornea utilizing an excimer laser. The laser sculpts your cornea based upon your individual prescription and a unique map of your eyes. At Solomon Eye Associates we are pleased offer the latest advancements in LASIK technology including the CustomVue and CustomCornea Wavefront guided vision correction and the advanced iFS femtosecond laser, providing blade free vision correction. With this technology we are capable of treating nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Is LASIK Right For Me?

Although LASIK has helped millions of people reduce and even eliminate dependence on glasses, it is important to not assume that LASIK is the best option for you. The best way to determine if you are a good candidate is to be evaluated by Dr. Jonathan Solomon at Solomon Eye Associates.

Good LASIK Candidates:

What Does LASIK Cost?

When considering LASIK laser vision correction in the Washington DC Metro area, cost is often a concern.  Most insurance companies will not cover LASIK as it is not considered a procedure of medical necessity, however many insurances have discount programs.  It is important to call your insurance and determine if they cover or what is covered when it comes to vision correction.  Many businesses will offer flex spending plans with their benefits.  LASIK is a qualifying service and can be paid for pre-tax using your flex dollars!  There are also other payment arrangements including financing through CareCredit. 

What if I Have Been Told I am not a Candidate for LASIK?

If you have been told in the past that you are not a candidate for LASIK, advancements in blade free LASIK technology are allowing even more people to have LASIK Laser Vision Correction.  At Solomon Eye Associates, Dr. Solomon offers a variety of vision correction options.  LASIK is not right for everyone, but there are alternatives including the Visian ICL (Implantable Contact Lenses), premium lens implants and refractive lens change.  A consultation at our practice will allow our experienced team to determine the best vision correction procedure for you!