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Laser Cataract Surgery

The integration of lasers into cataract removal is an extremely exciting development in ophthalmic surgery. Femtosecond lasers are now being used to perform several critical steps of cataract surgery, including accessing and breaking up the cataract. This development has shown to be beneficial to both the eye surgeon and patient. The cataract surgery Maryland team at Solomon Eye Physicians and Surgeons is pleased to offer enhanced laser cataract removal with LENSAR technology.

About LENSAR Technology

LENSARDue to its convenience and efficiency, LENSAR is one of the leaders in laser cataract surgery technology. LENSAR has been approved by the FDA for anterior capsulotomy, phacofragmentation and clear corneal incisions. The LENSAR laser delivers ultra-short pulses (Femtosecond- 10-15) of light to make an extremely precise incision, giving our eye surgeons unprecedented accuracy and reproducibility. Studies have shown that anterior capsulotomies with the LENSAR laser are much more intelligently designed and executed than traditional manual techniques. The outcomes are more consistent, as well.

The LENSAR laser can also be used to fragment the cataract-diseased lens, which is then suctioned from the eye. It can be coupled with a variety of advanced technology intraocular lens implants (e.g., Bausch & Lomb's SofPort Advanced Optics IOL, Alcon's SN60WF, AMO's Tecnis Z9003) as well as Toric and Restor, Tecnis multifocal lens and Crystalens accommodative lens implants.

Other advantages to using LENSAR technology include the following:

LENSAR Technology Propriety "Augmented Reality" 3-D imaging captures all ocular structures and generates an in-focus image from the front of the cornea to the back of the lens capsule.
Computer software helps create a patient-specific treatment plan that includes details such as the preferred incision site, which IOL is to be used, the tilt of the lens, the nuclear density and the preferred pattern of lens fragmentation.
Exceptional surgeon control with the option to adjust specific parameters.
Simplified lens removal.
Suction ring is designed to immobilize the eye without risking a significant rise in intraocular pressure (thereby maintaining the integrity of the cornea and maximizing patient comfort).

To learn more about laser cataract surgery with LENSAR technology, we encourage you to call or email Solomon Eye Physicians and Surgeons with three convenient locations in Greenbelt, Bowie & McLean. We can explain this information in more detail or schedule an appointment for you to meet with our cataract surgeon.

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