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Corneal Treatments

The Cornea is your Window to the World


The cornea is the clear tissue that serves as the window to the front of the eye. It is the main focusing element of the specialized cameras that we use to visualize our world.

The cornea is made of several distinct functional layers, with the inner-most layer being the most important modulator of corneal hydration. Just one cell thick, this layer is so fragile that minor trauma or disease can disrupt normal function. Such is the case with Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy. Because this cell layer does not regenerate, the resulting swelling is permanent. Vision is then dramatically reduced if the cornea becomes cloudy and scars distort light rays as they attempt to penetrate the cornea. Ultimately, the image the brain perceives is forever altered, unless correction of the cornea can be achieved.

Keratoconus is another common condition that causes visual disturbance.  Those suffering from keratoconus have an abnormally shaped cornea.  This is a condition that can progress and surgical intervention may be necessary.

Solomon Eye Associates and Jonathan Solomon MD, are proud to stay at the forefront of ophthalmology technology including advanced treatment of corneal diseases.  Dr. Solomon takes part in many clinical trials research studies to discover new ways to help people see the World clearly. 

Below are some of the innovations in corneal care provided here at Solomon Eye Associates, Located in the Washington DC, Baltimore Metro Area: