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Aesthetics & Cosmetics

Renew, Refresh and Revitalize your Facial Appearance

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Services in the Washington DC, Baltimore Metro Regions!

Does your face seem to be losing its youthful luster?  As we age, the elasticity of our facial skin begins to weaken and this forms wrinkles, smile lines, hollows and sometimes scowl lines on our face.  Frequent over exposure to the sun and skin care regimens also play a role, but it is natural part of the aging process.  However, there is something you can do about it!  We are pleased to offer people of the Washington DC and Baltimore metro areas advanced facial skins care services, provided by an ophthalmologist, who has great knowledge and understanding of the face and eye region.

Aesthetics & Cosmetics

There are both surgical and non-surgical options available at our Solomon Eye Associates Bowie, Mclean and Greenbelt locations.

Dermal Fillers
You many have seen commercials with celebrities endorsing dermal fillers, well more women and men than you think actually have this non-invasive procedure done.  Most would never really know since there is no downtime, the results are natural instead of blatantly obvious, and the price is affordable for many.  People will certainly notice a difference in your appearance but will not be able to pinpoint it!

BOTOX Cosmetic
At Solomon Eye Associates, BOTOX Cosmetic is a popular in office, non-invasive procedure that helps to reduce the scowl lines between the eyes and forehead wrinkles.  It paralyzes the muscles where injected for up to 6 months!  Our expert and certified BOTOX doctors have special training for BOTOX injections in this region, and the results have both women and men coming back for regular treatments every 4-6 months as it wears off. 

Eyelid Surgery
It is a normal part of aging and for some it can be worsened by genetics.  AS we age our eyelids will begin to droop and sag.  The elastic of this fragile skin begins to weaken and fat begins to develop.  In many cases this can cause a visual disturbance, while for others it is a cosmetic concern making them look older and tired.  Our experienced surgeons perform belpharoplasty which removes the access skin and fat from the eyelid region.

This is a prescription product offered at Solomon Eye Associates that can lengthen and thicken eyelashes. 

Skincare Products
Solomon Eye Associates offers medical grade skin care products that will help maintain a youthful appearance as well as protect your skin from the elements.